• King and Queens

    Meet the Royal Family!

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    Your majesty!

    Snicker doodle is the first queen of True Blue Ragdoll Kittens. She is a beautiful, perfectly marked mitted seal point ragdoll. She has quadruple grand champion bloodlines and produces absolutely beautiful kittens. Furthermore, she is the best mom any kitten could have. She watches them closely and even "yells" at them if they misbehave. She teaches them to use the litter box and eat solid food. Snicker-doodle is a true example of the perfect queen. And she is helping her fellow queens, passing her wisdom and love to them.

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    Tinker Bell

    I share my magic!

    Tinkerbell makes many people laugh. Her personality is having fun while sharing love at the same time. She has quadruple champion bloodlines and is a sister to Snicker-doodle. She is stunning, blue solid point that melts your heart. You can find her playing with her kitties, for sure, but also this queen commands a tight courtyard. She has no problem moving her kitties to one area if she finds the other is not suitable for her princess and princesses. She is a very good mom that enjoys her time being a mom.

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    Razzle Dazzle

    The name says it all!

    Razzle dazzle loves to scamper to one side of the house to another. On the way, she will entice the other felines to come join her. As a blue mitted, she boasts wonderful marking while also coming from multiple grand championship bloodlines. As the newest queen, she has stepped in the footsteps of Snicker doodle and Tinkerbell. She is an outstanding mom that learned from the best. No wonder, her babies are perfectly adapted to give and show love to so many families.

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    This is my Kingdom!

    King Montana is a seal/sepia mitted mink ragdoll. With his bloodline, there are also many grand-champions. He has all the genetics of a ragdoll with doing the "ragdoll flop" when you least expect it, loving to be cradled, and is the most loving cat you have ever met. He snuggles right up by your neck and purrs easily. This is one King that loves to be pampered while enjoying every moment with the family.