Q: How do you reserve a kitten

    A: Reserving is first-come-first-serve. A deposit of $500 must be paid before a kitten is considered reserved. This can be done via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal for convenience or other arrangements may be made. You must also look over the downloadable contract and return to karenechard@hotmail.com

    Q: When can I pick up my new baby

    A: You will be open to pick up your new kitten once they have a clear bill of health, eating solid food and readiness to leave mom. We do not allow for earlier pick up if these three criteria's have not been cleared, this is to ensure radiant health and that the kitten and mother have the needed time together. If you need to extend the pickup date we will work with you to find the best suitable time.

    Q: What do kittens go home with

    A: Your kitten will go home with a health guarantee, first vaccinations, a bag of the kitten food we use, and a gift special blanket with mother’s scent on it so that the transition to a new home will be easier.

    Q: Grooming requirements

    A: The coat is soft and semi-long with a limited undercoat which results in less shedding and less matting than many other long-haired cats. Little is needed while your ragdoll may desire moderate grooming, but not as critical. Weekly brushing with a good grooming comb will suffice. Yes, they shed, but very little. Every animal with hair will shed. Their grooming can be done once a week with a good brushing. Ever ragdoll I know loves there brushings and can pur up a storm.

    Q: Is a ragdoll kitten good for the whole family

    A: Because it is amazingly sweet and desires interaction the ragdoll cat is a superb family cat that loves considerate children, mild-mannered dogs, and other cats. They form strong bonds and truly enjoy being close. Of course, we are biased but you can't get a better cat for the family then a genuine ragdoll kitten.

    Q: Does every ragdoll have blue eyes?

    A: Ragdolls normally have blue eyes unless its a Mink or Sepia that can have some striking green or golden hues/tones.

    Q: What are the different marking or patterns of ragdolls

    A: The ragdoll cat comes in three patterns, pointed, pointed with white mitts, or Bi-color, which always has a unique V-shaped white marking on the forehead. Other variations such as blaze, lynx , and tortie may also be found.

    Q: Why do I see different types of coats for the ragdolls

    A: There are basically 4 different types of coats; traditional, sepia, mink, and solid coats.


    Mink: Thicker plusher coats than traditional ragdolls with an extremely plush tail. It is smoother and feels more like a mink coat. They usually have green eyes but in some cases will have blue. The mink ragdolls are born with their coat color and develop a richer colored, more eye-catching coat than the traditional ragdolls.


    Sepia: The sepia ragdolls are similar to the mink; however, have a substantially darker coat than the mink. Sepia ragdolls can have almost any eye color, green, gold, blue, aqua blue, etc… They have the thickest, plushest, and softest coats.


    Solid: The solid ragdolls are the darkest and highest contrast. Sepia, traditional, and mink are all pointed and are of various shades of color throughout their coat – darker nose, ears, feet, and tail. A solid does not have this variation and will have a strong bright white contrast against the rich dark black coloring. Solid coats have a coat similar to the mink and sepia ragdolls. They can have almost any eye color.


    As a kitten, all ragdolls’ color will continue to deepen as they mature until 3 years old. The solid ragdolls are born with full color and will not lighten or darken; their coat color remains the same.

    Q: What type of ragdolls are more rare

    A: Mink ragdolls are rare and the sepia and solid along with Bicolor ragdolls are very rare. Ragdoll colors most commonly are seal and blue. More rare colors include chocolate, lilac, cream, cinnamon, and fawn.

    Q: Are the kittens kept in a cage

    A: Absolutely not. We consider all of the kittens our foster children until they find their forever home. We love each one and make sure to give them plenty of interaction and love.

    Q: Should I get a male or female

    A: Some people think one is better than the other, but once they are neutered/spayed they all act the same. If the kitten is a breeder, as an adult some females will “yowl” when she is in heat and looking for a male. The male will also “yowl” when looking for a female in heat. Otherwise, both male and female are sweet, loving, and loyal members of your family. They are both extremely social and will follow you around, greet you at the door, and can even learn to play fetch. Both male and female are easily leash trained, dressed in clothes, and great with children. They are the best gentle cat you can have.

    Q: Will my kitten get along with other animals

    A: Because they are such a social and gentle breed, the answer is almost always yes. I would definitely keep a close eye on a cat with a bird or small pet because they might think of them as a toy instead of an animal.

    Q: If this is my first ragdoll, what other things do I need to start my kittens new home

    A: You need a litter box, food and water bowls, a grooming comb, scratching post, cat carrier, and some toys for entertainment. Your kitten will be using scent-free light-weight kitty litter, a small bowl for food, and a constant flow water fountain. A bag of food with the name on it will be given to you if you wish to continue with the same brand.

    Q: Can I have my new kitten(s) shipped

    A: Kittens are only allowed ro be transported via a licensed pet transporter. If you need the name of one we trust, just let us know and they can give you a discounted rate. You may also fly in and get your kitten as we can even meet you at the airport if you need to do a quick turn around. We can also deliver to nearby hotel lobbies.

    Q: Can I meet and how can I pick up my new kitten

    A: If reserved your kitten must be selected at 4 weeks. You can make your selection online or at a secure location such as Cracker Barrel on 27 and I-4 or at Eagle Ridge Mall on 27 just inside the entrance to the food court. Pick up of kitten will be at the same location of meeting. If needing a different location there is a minimum $50 delivery fee (up to 50 miles round trip) plus $1 per mile after 50 miles and must be at a busy public location. Time and date must coincide with both schedules.

    Q: I love discounts- Do you offer any

    A: Yes, for those that have previously purchased a kitten there is a $100.00 discount on your next kitten. If purchasing 2 or more kittens from the same litter there is $100.00 off each kitten.

    Q: What are your payment options

    A: After deposit we accept cash, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. Other forms of payment must clear bank before kitten can be delivered.

    Q: Do you include TICA papers

    A: All TICA papers will be given at 6 months of age.

    Q: Do you practice early spay or neuter

    A: Yes, we recommend your kitten be spayed or neutered which needs to be done before TICA papers are issued.

    Q: What are your prices to adopt

    A: Pending on the markings the adoption for pets will be $1950. Show and/or Breeding rights if desired will be an additional cost that is equal to the price of the kitten. We give unlimited love and the best care available that only a boutique breeder can give. Being a smaller sized breeder we have only a few litters a year thus you may want to get on a waiting list if you want to have pick of the litter.

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