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Tired Babies

It's a Hard Job Being a Kitten

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These babies are now six and almost 6 weeks old and have the tough job of playing hard and sleeping hard. Frequently I will find them crashed mid play or half way out of a toy just sleeping. They are getting the "zoomies" now and running all over the place. It sounds almost like galloping horses when all of them start running around.

There are only 2 females left if a female is what you are looking for. There is really no difference between males and females though other tthan some have said that males are more snuggle bunnies. Feel free to reach out any time if you are interested in any of these little fluffy babies; they make perfect Christmas presents for that special person. That is how I got started, is someone bought me one for Christmas and it was such a blessing to me, that I had to provide others with such sweet kitties.