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Our Moms Love Being Moms

Affectionate and Loving Baby Kittens

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Believe it or not, this is not the mother of these babies. This is Snickerdoodle, our number one mom of a litter who went home about 2 weeks ago. She loves being a mom so much she actually calls the kittens to come over and nurse and be by her. Tinkerbell and Razzle Dazzle are also excellent mothers, but since we only let our queens get pregnant twice a year max, Snickers is getting all the love she can.

All the babies are just as caring and loving as Snickerdoodle as they are frequently coming up to snuggle with me. Every once in awhile as I walk by them in the tree or on the back of a chair and I stop to give them scratches behind the ear, they immediately start purring and lean into it. These babies obviously have free roam of the house, but tend to all hang out in the cat trees and play area.

We still have 2 females and 4 males left and once it gets closer to Christmas it is hard to find that perfect gift, so make sure to reserve yours now.