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-Snickerdoodle, Tinkerbell, and Razzle Dazzle are co-parenting all babies-


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With all the new babies, all we can do is count. The moms are all co-parenting, so we have Snickerdoodle with 3 kittens just a little over 4 weeks old (all are spoken for), Tinkerbell with 5 kittens just a week old today (1st pick of the litter spoken for), and our newest in the picture above Razzle Dazzle with her first litter (just 3 days old) of 6 babies which are all available. Razzle apparently thinks they are all hers, as she loves, feeds, and snuggles them all. She is such a wonderful mom!

If you would like one of the first picks of the litter, let us know as once they get older and their cuteness and personality come out I am sure they will go fast. There is a video of all of them with their respective moms on our Youtube website, just look up True Blue Ragdoll Kittens on Youtube. We are always available to talk or text 863-270-6611.