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Tinkerbell is one of the top 10 favorite pets in America


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Tinkerbell only has about 1 litter a year and she chose now to be pregnant. She usually has about 5 kittens and they are blues as well as seals. She is due May 4 so I will be taking 3 deposits if you would like to be sure to get one of these babies. She usually keeps her babies close to her and it isn't until they are between 10 and 12 weeks old that they go home. So, they would be ready to go around July 11 through the 25th, possibly sooner if she has them earlier or weans them earlier. They will have all their immunizations, testing, de-wormed, and a health certificate from the vet. We take pride in holding them and loving them daily so that they go to your home well adjusted. She has championship bloodlines and both parents are double negative HCM and PKD so they are true ragdolls with the look, feel, and personalities that only True Blue Ragdoll Kittens produce.