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Harmonia - Goddess of Harmony and Love

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Harmonia is, to my surprise, the last kitten to look for a new home.  As her foster mom, I have watched her grow from a rather curvaceous small 1 week old to a playful and loving 4-1/2 week old.  She loves to be scratched on her belly and absolutely loves attention.  She was named correctly, as she is the one to find another alone and she will join them.  She is also great playing on her own and is very gentle when she plays with her siblings. She particularly likes to be snuggled up by your neck and has a very soft purr.  She is a very rare kitten and is considered to be exotic as she is has a beautiful rich seal coat with even deeper seal points on her paws.  For more information, feel free to call 407-640-9077 or email from website.