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Cattery Update

New and Upcoming News

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Snickerdoodle gave to three beautiful babies, all of who already have homes, but they are cute as can be. She is such a great mom. She teaches all the other moms how to take care of their babies. They are just over 4 weeks old now and are learning to climb. This week I will put food and a litter box in their nursery area for them to explore.


As for new news, I believe Moonpie - the youngest of my females - is pregnant. She is only a couple of weeks along, but we are hoping for a healthy litter in about April 6. She is our only bicolor female so should have bicolor babies hopefuly. Nowadays, they call them Swiftie cats since Taylor Swift made the bicolor ragdoll popular by posing with it around her neck. They are the number one cat according to CFA and I would agree. I have a couple of people on a list wanting to know when more kittens are born, so if you would like me to notify you just send me a message. Kittens go fast.