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Babies are Just Over 2 Weeks

Starting to get a personality!

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This little fur baby is featured this week.  She has a solid rich coat and her paws are just starting to darken a little more.  She is very shy right now but looks up at you with those doey eyes and says "love me" and of course I do.  She may be more shy right now because of her figure; although, being fat at this time is a good thing, it means she is eating really well and growing.  She is just one of the 3 females we have left.  The other two females available are trying to compete as they are both trying to get to me first when I enter their nursery.  It is such a blessing to spend so much time with these babies as the more time I spend with them the better socialized they will be going to your home.  Our website has so much information, but please feel free to contact me for any further questions 4076409077.