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Almost Time To Go Home

A sad but true story....

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Once upon a time there were 6 kittens born to loving parents and a caretaker who loved them and fed them daily as well as sought for the wonderful homes for them to call their own.  Soon, Dasher (now cocoa) found his home then Mrs. Claws did too. In just 1-1/2 weeks the other 4 will find their new homes hopefully and the cycle of life will start all over again.  


In all honesty, it is my privilege to raise these babies and to give them love and attention so they will make perfect pets for someone.  I still have 4 babies and hopefully they will be great Christmas presents for someone as that is how I came upon my first ragdoll, she was a Christmas present and one of the best I have ever had.  Please call/text 4076409077 or make an inquiry on my website for further information.